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Tuanku Bainun Auditorium

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Tuanku Bainun Auditorium

The Tuanku Bainun Auditorium is located within the SNSC at Worcester College.

It is in the centre of the SNSC.

It has the following audio/visual equipment:

  • Projector screen - this must not be moved
  • Ipad to interface with the AV controls
  • Laptop
  • Mic built into the lectern
  • Presentation remote
As you enter the room you will be presented with this setup:


The a/v and environmental controls in the auditorium are complex, it is is recommended that hosts / presenters familiarize themselves with the system before use.

The below controls are all located on the Ipad which is built into a recess on the lectern.

Blind Control

  • To lower the blinds select the 'All' icon on the left hand side of the ipad then the 'Blinds' icon on the right
  • The up and down arrows centre left of the screen control under the label 'Stage' will raise/open the blinds to the left and right of the stage. Selecting the down arrow will lower the blinds completely, selecting up will raise them completely

Door Control

  • Select Environment on the left hand side.
  • Select doors on the right hand side.

  • Confirm that no-one is standing in the doorways then press "Proceed".

Note: All doors will close, and cannot be re-opened from the ipad, but must be manually re-opened.

If some doors are required to remain open, a door wedge should be placed under them before triggering.

Lighting Control

  • Select 'Environment' on the left hand side
  • Select 'Lighting' on the right
  • There are multiple presets depending on the type of use you have for the auditorium
  • Go through the presets and decide which will suit you best, use the name of the preset to help you


  • The projector is on a timer to be on all day
  • If it is off, there is a white remote in the Lectern drawer which can be used to power it back on
  • It is strongly advised to bring a USB with your content on to use with the laptop provided as a back-up, in case there are any issues with personal laptops connecting to the system


  • Microphones are held in the Green Room, at an AV desk
  • When booking the space, you can collect a fob from the lodge for access to the Green Room
  • There are currently 5 lapels, and 1 Hand-Held available
  • If unsure as how to use them please view this page:
  • Please always place mics back on charge after use, for the next person to use them

  • There is also a microphone built into the lectern which is constantly on and will amplify sound when spoken into

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